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Who We Are

East Madison Little League serves our community by providing a safe, fun, and competitive environment for kids to play softball and baseball. Established in 1958 as a nonprofit organization, we're an important part of Madison's east side fabric. Our goal at EMLL is to invest in kids and their families. Each spring boys and girls from 4-14 years old play nearly 200 games on our fields. We're committed to every child who plays in our league—and the families who drive them to practice and come to the games to cheer them on. Our aim isn't just to win (though that's fun too); our goal is to see each of these kids grow. To do this we seek to develop character, help them cultivate friendships, and become more physically active. As great as that goal is, there's still more to EMLL. As the kids learn to work together on the field, their parents and family develop a bond in the stands. Relationships form and community happens. EMLL provides families with a truly special Little League experience.

East Madison Little League Fields
1010 North Street
Madison, WI

PO Box 7053
Madison, WI 53707