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Parents have a lot of good questions. We've complied a list of most often asked questions to help out. If you don't see your question here, just post it in the sidebar and we'll try to answer it.

What equipment does my child need to play?
Your son or daughter needs a glove, baseball pants, and cleats. Parents often purchase a belt and socks to match the team colors. Pants are either white or gray. Ask the coach if they have a preference for the team. 

Can my daughter play baseball instead of softball?
Absolutely. In the Tee Ball division, girls and boys play together on a team. At the next division--Machine Pitch--many girls continue to play baseball with the boys but some girls begin to play softball if there are available leagues. There are no rules, however, preventing girls from playing baseball. It really depends on your daughter's comfort level. Girls have and are playing baseball at EMLL.  

How are the sponsors assigned to teams?
Each year we obtain sponsors for our teams. Sometime they request to be associated with a specific coach or player. For example, if an employee has a child on a team, or is coaching a team. Otherwise, they are randomly assigned to a team.

How will I know who my child's coach is? 
After the teams are selected, your child's coach will contact you. This usually occurs within a day or two after the draft.

What is the draft and why do we have one?
After tryouts, the coaches get together with the Division Coordinator and select their teams. In order, each coach selects a player to be on his or her team. Once everyone has made a selection, then the process is repeated until all of the players have been placed on a team. The draft is important because it ensures that teams are evenly matched by spreading players of all skill levels around

Can I request teammates or a coach?  

We certainly entertain these requests.  There are obvious reasons we would say “Yes” such as for siblings and relatives.  There are also obvious reasons we would say “No”  in order to preserve competitive balance between the teams.  Then there are all the other reasons, in the Grey Area.  We make every effort to facilitate your requests and to be transparent about the process.   But we unfortunately cannot accommodate everyone.  It is just not logistically possible while still fulfilling our league’s mission.  We have everyone’s best interest in mind in the Team Selection Process.  

Are there any exceptions to the teammate requests?

Actually, Yes there is!  We allow each team to have 2 assigned coaches and we can guarantee that your child will be assigned to the team you are coaching.  If you volunteer to coach with a parent of your requested teammate, we can absolutely allow this.

We, CANNOT allow any more than 2 assigned coaches per team.  Additional coaches must be “drafted” (with their respective players) for the same reasons as listed in the question above.

What are tryouts?
About a month prior to Opening Day, players in the Machine Pitch through Juniors divisions participate in Tryouts. Each player's skills are tested in three areas: fielding, pitching, and batting. Coaches are present to assess the players in preparation for the drafts.

What if my child is registered, but cannot attend Tryouts?
If your child cannot make it to tryouts, he or she will be assigned to a team rather than selected during the draft. They will be assigned following the order of the draft.

If my child can't make it to tryouts, will he or she still be on a team? There's no need to worry about not making a team. Every child who registers to play will be placed on a team, regardless of how they do in tryouts.

What are the age requirements for Little League?
There are two resources for determining what division your child should be playing in. Use the official Little League resource to determine age requirements. Then use our Division guide to determine the proper fit for your child's skill level.

What kind of bat or glove does my child need?
You can find the answers to equipment questions on our Equipment page. As with all youth sports, buying new equipment can become very costly. Bats can cost between $60-$400. If your child is just starting out, then he or she probably doesn't need all of the most expensive equipment to figure out whether they like the game or not. 

How many games are in a season?
On average, each team plays about 18 games. Some divisions play a few more (e.g. Juniors), and some will play a few less (e.g. Tee Ball).

What is the end-of-year tournament?
After the regular season, each team plays a divisional tournament to decide the overall division champion. Team seedings are based on their regular season record. The schedule for these tournaments will be determined by the final week of the regular season. 

Where are our practices going to be?
Your coach will determine where your practices will be. Once the fields are suitable to use, teams will be assigned a weekly schedule to practice on them. Since your team will be practicing more than once a week  most of the practices will occur off-site at a place to be determined by your coach.

When will I know our team's game schedule?
The schedule will be available after the teams have been formed. Your coach should be able to distribute the game calendar soon after his or her initial contact with you. 

What is our practice schedule?
Your coach will determine the practice schedule. Prior to the season, expect two to three practices per week. Once the season begins, that number may decrease. 

What kind of commitment are we making by joining EMLL?
As a Little League parent, you'll be asked to have your child at practice and games. Prior to Opening Day, your coach will schedule two-three practices each week. Less practices for Tee Ball and Coach Pitch. Games are scheduled on Monday through Thursday and Saturdays. Each team will play 2 to 3 games a week. Teams usually play 1 or 2 games on weekdays and one on Saturday (this will depend on the final number of teams in the division, which is based on the number of players that sign up). Weekday games are at 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Saturday games are scheduled from 8:00am to around 1:00pm.  You will only play one game per day.  Also, as a parent you're required to serve in the concession stand at least once during the season. (See the following question)

What are my concession duties?
One parent for each kid is required to serve in the concession stand once during the season. (You can opt out for a $100 fee) Concession duty runs the length of the game (approximately 1:45 min) . Parents should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the game and stay for 15 minutes after the game. There are many different things you can choose to do in the concession stand: cashier, grilling, wrap grilled items, restocking, using the fryer, Our concession stand is located in the center of our Minors, Majors, and Skinned fields, so most parents can still find time to watch some of their kid's game.