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Safety Info

Pre-Game Nutrition

Any sports parent knows that the right food can make or break their player's performance! A hungry athlete is an energy-less athlete and it's impossible for them to play their best if their body doesn't have the fuel it needs in order to perform!

Caring for Muscle Sprains

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation can help reduce the swelling and pain and help you heal faster.

Protecting Your Child's Pitching Arm

The pitching motion is the most dynamic motion in sports. Youth pitching injuries have risen dramatically since the early 2000s. Learn how to help your child take care of his or her arm.

Bat safety

Swinging a bat can be dangerous.

Hydration During a Game

If you’re not properly hydrated, your body will be unable to perform at its highest level, and you may experience fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness or more serious symptoms.

Weather Safety During a Game

Lightning is a serious matter when it comes to Little League. This poster explains the proper procedure when lightning is spotted.

Protecting from Sexual Abuse

This video provides important information to help protect your child.