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Your Coach

Why You Should Cheer Your Child's Coach

As a parent, you need to model sportsmanship to your child, and you can start by practicing three simple strategies at your child’s next sporting event.

Communicating with the Coach

The ways that parents communicate with their child’s coach can be instrumental in promoting a developmentally appropriate experience that assists youngsters in developing positive feelings about the sport experience, sportsmanship, and important lessons for life. Observing how parents and coaches interact can be a great way for children to learn about positive communication, cooperation, and leadership.

The Partnership Between Parent and Coach

This video describes the importance of a partnership between you and your child's coach.

How to Handle a Disagreement with the Coach

It's inevitable: you're going to disagree with your child's coach at some point. Here are some tips on how to handle that situation.

How to Establish a Partnership

Guidelines for how parents can cooperate with their children’s coaches for the best possible Little League experience for their children.